DefinitiveInk is made up of a team of people with deep experience creating digital (and print) projects for major media companies, Fortune 100 companies, start-ups & nonprofits.

It’s led by Joshua Mack who has over 25 years of experience creating and managing digital products and teams for clients and at Voyager,  Hearst, iVillage, SixApart, Outside.in, and Workman Publishing.

Our work is informed by these values:

  • Integrity – We do right by our clients and colleagues
  • Collaboration – We listen and work well with others. We find that we flourish and our projects improve when we work together and enable everyone to bring ideas and expertise to the table.
  • Directness – We communicate candidly, sometimes perhaps too much so, with clients and colleagues
  • Pragmatism – We embrace the realities of a situation and make recommendations and execute projects keeping that in mind. We want to push the envelope within constraints and enjoy figuring out how to solve challenges that they present.
  • Improvement – We work towards improved process and results for our clients.
  • Motivation – We strive to create value for our clients and their missions through the work we do.