Case Study: Kos Kaffe

I leveraged my local experience (co-founding LocalVox, and my work with some of the largest local publishers on the east coast) to create a multi-faceted responsive one page site for Kos Kaffe a wonderful café in my neighborhood of Park Slope. The site is really a reference and gives a clear overview of the basics – their hours, their location, their menu, their story, a taste of the atmosphere, and their social links in a way that a user can clearly see on any device. These essential elements are often missed or hard to find on a local business site which more often than not can resemble the chaotic mess in the hilarious McSweeny’s article, If This Fusion Restaurant’s Website Could Talk. The Kos Kaffe site also has a store for their freshly roasted beans, and an area for blogging or a calendar for events if they want to do that in the future.



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